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This pays off!

Cooperation with us results in improving parameters determining productivity of the farm.

What we find the most important is the breeder’s satisfaction with our cooperation. It just has to pay off. Below are the analyses and calculations showing profitability of applying appropriate veterinary care.

Pig farm in a closed cycle

Nowadays, a farm must be run professionally. But what does it mean? We work systematically with our customers, taking care of health of animals entrusted to us and providing zootechnical support. Our job is to improve results determining the productivity of the farm.

They include:

  • animal welfare,
  • minimizing the number of drops at every stage of production,
  • periodicity of sows,
  • fertility,
  • feed conversion,
  • …and many more aspects, ultimately affecting the financial results.

Summing up the production results from the whole year, the most important parameter is always a number of sold animals (fattening pigs or weaners), calculated per a statistical sow.

Each pig farm which we cooperate with receives a prophylactic treatment scheme, individually adapted to the current health status of pigs living on the farm and technology used. We quickly react to all undesirable deviations from the adopted assumptions. We are the first to practically implement improvements and news, developed and tested in other countries and on different continents.

In order to achieve common goals together with breeders, we focus on registering production data. We use various analytical tools to interpret them. These are simple Excel spreadsheets, specialist farm software, and original solutions, supplementing knowledge of health and production capacity of the farm.

For example, such a way of making analyses allows us to implement specific measures to limit the use of antibiotics on a farm. It is widely discussed at present. We are involved in these activities, trying to implement them on the farms which we support, even though hardly anyone gives examples for specific solutions. For us, it is useful to know what drugs are used on the farm. We know how much antibiotics we use, we also know the value of these drugs. Based on calculations, we perform a detailed analysis. It is only then that we replace antibiotics with more effective and cheaper prophylactic treatment or technology correction.

Few are aware of what is the first thing that needs to be improved on the farm. The following 2 examples show that making calculations is a good idea:

There is “never enough time” for conducting analyses, however, thanks to joint discussions concerning the current situation and then drawing conclusions for the future, all of us can be much more competitive on the market.

Farm focused on fattening

Running a farm specializing in weaner fattening involves a very high risk. Currently, this risk results from two factors:


Potential health problems leading to:

  • lots of drops
  • unfavourable feed conversion rate
  • the need to implement additional preventive vaccinations
  • the need to treat health failures.

Unpredictable prices of:

  • weaner purchase
  • pig sales
  • feed costs

The farm cannot generate losses. Appropriate care for animal welfare will pay off. Cooperation with us consists in preventing and limiting problems that arise during the course of fattening.

Expertise and experience are the key to success. We rely on the information obtained from thousands of fattening processes that we have conducted. Our knowledge of weaners comes from many different sources: from Poland, Denmark, but also from other countries. Each “tag” has its own specificity and history. Planning appropriate prophylaxis, as well as fast and proper response to events, that can be expected after the purchase of animals, guarantee significant decrease in risks and losses.

Despite many potential threats, running a farm focused on weaner fattening is now very popular. However, the risk of failure can be minimized by cooperating with reliable and trusted partners. It applies to every element of this complicated puzzle, also weaner suppliers, feed suppliers and nutritional supplements, with which we try to cooperate.

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