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Our goal is to continuously improve your production results by taking care of animal health on your breeding farm.

We specialize in comprehensive veterinary care of pig and cattle farms. We support breeders also in other aspects related to farm functioning, such as management consultancy, zootechnical care, technological optimization, and nutritional problems.


Vet-Com is primarily a group of properly selected specialists, veterinary technicians and zootechnicians. Vast knowledge, many years of experience and field-tested procedures are a guarantee of successful cooperation.

Among us, there are mainly Swine Veterinarians and Animal Reproduction Specialists. We are also proud of vets with scientific degrees of the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

From the very beginning, we have been driven by the belief that in-depth knowledge and vast experience are the key to success



We exchange experiences and consult difficult cases from all over Poland on a regular basis, thanks to which we constantly improve our qualifications. By focusing on development, we cooperate with scientific centres and specialist practitioners from all around the world. However, we do not limit ourselves to this.

We share our knowledge with others by training young doctors, both practically on our farms in the field, and theoretically at trainings, national and international conferences. Theoretical education is not only about passive listening, but it is very often associated with making presentations and delivering lectures for breeders or other doctors.



We know that currently farmers appreciate those doctors who are able to not only help in treatment and prevention, but above all, those who take active part in achieving the best possible financial results. Therefore, we are constantly creating better tools for analysing costs and achieving production efficiency.

Keeping pace with the times and wanting to meet the increasing analytical requirements, we give our Customers an entire section, where, after logging in, they may, at any moment, see what progress they are making.

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