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Offer for pig farmers

Whether you run a closed-cycle breeding farm or you specialize in the so-called “fattening”, Vet-Com has a range of services tailored to your needs.

Health problems in a pig herd have a huge impact on production profitability… and we know that! Therefore, whatever we do, we always try to look from a farmer’s perspective and we are aware that full professional veterinary care and low treatment costs are necessary for good cooperation. We can divide our activities into two groups:


Treatment and prophylaxis


Assistance in management


Standard services include:

  • exercising veterinary supervision over health of pigs in industrial pig farms,
  • performing clinical tests,
  • performing autopsies,
  • establishing veterinary diagnoses,
  • providing medical consultations,
  • preparation of veterinary programs (specific prophylaxis and chemoprophylaxis, monitoring tests),
  • submitting veterinary and zootechnical recommendations,
  • keeping records of animal treatment,
  • administering treatment and protective vaccination of animals,collection of material for laboratory
  • tests

Economic approach is equally important, therefore for our customers we:

  • prepare materials for further analyses
  • perform cost and performance analyses
  • help in drawing conclusions for the future
  • facilitate the process of implementing changes to increase productivity
  • provide a platform that clearly and transparently shows the effects of our joint work
  • constantly learn and improve, therefore conclusions from one farm let us improve productivity on others.

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