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Offer for cattle breeders

We know that for dairy herd breeders the most important thing is... milk. Reproduction - this key aspect determines all other activities.

The main factor influencing the efficiency of the farm is effective management of herd reproduction. To let you achieve the best milk production results, we deal with aspects that facilitate it:








Assistance in management

All these elements are closely related and only the efficient operation in each area guarantees the highest quality of service. But what exactly does it mean?


  • biosecurity of cattle herds
  • monitoring of infectious and parasitic diseases
  • monitoring of metabolic diseases
  • monitoring of somatic cell count and early mastitis therapy
  • setting critical points and solving problems
  • reproduction of dairy cows
  • disease prevention in a newborn calf

The most common diagnostics (used in prophylaxis and therapy)

  • biochemical blood tests
  • gasometry
  • virological tests
  • serological tests + PCR
  • bacteriological tests
  • ultrasound examinations
  • laparoscopy endoscopy
  • parasitological tests
  • examination and evaluation of collection of sulphuric antibodies

Therapy (examples)

  • detachment of fetal membranes /placenta/
  • dislocation of the abomasum
  • elimination of high somatic cell count causes
  • effective mastitis therapy
  • prevention and treatment of ketosis, acidosis, laminitis

Help in managing a dairy cow herd

  • use and analysis of data contained in OUM tabulograms
  • construction of a production data collection system
  • on the farm
  • construction of a veterinary data system
  • periodic analyses and meetings with the nutritional counsellor
  • reporting requests and recommendations in writing.

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